Implementation, Incentives, and Applications to Industrial Organization

Organized by Bhaskar Chakravorti, William Sharkey,
and Simon Wilkie

Co-Sponsored by Bell-Core

July 8 to July 10, 1992

Stony Brook, New York



  137 Harriman Hall
Chair: Robert Aumann
10:30-11:10 S. Barberà: A Characterization of Strategy-Proof Social Choice Functions for Economies with Pure Public Goods
Discussant: B. Allen
11:10-11:50 J. Conley: Economic Applications of Probabilistic Cheap Talk
Discussant: TBA
11:50-12:30 M. Jackson (joint with S. Barberà): Strategy-Proof Exchange
Discussant: B. Allen

  001 Earth and Space Sciences
Chair: William Sharkey
2:30-3:10 L. Kranich: Manipulation of the Walrasian Mechanism in a Simple Production Economy
Discussant: S. Barberà
3:10-3:50 P. Legros: Organization, Market, and Economic Reform: A General Equilibrium Approach
Discussant: TBA
4:10-4:50 S. Shenker: On the Strategy-Proof and Smooth Allocation of Private Goods in Production Economies
4:50-5:30 C.-L. Yang: Efficient Allocation of an Indivisible Good -- A Mechanism Design Problem under Uncertainty
Discussant: William Thomson


  137 Harriman Hall
Chair: Simon Wilkie
10:30-11:10 T. Gresik: Incentive-Efficient Trade and Double Auctions
Discussant: S. Wilkie
11:10-11:50 T. Requate: Permits or Taxes? How to Regulate Cournot Duopoly with Polluting Firms
Discussant: J. Conley
11:50-12:30 J.E. Swierzbinski: Guilty Until Proven Innocent -- Regulation with Costly and Limited Enforcement
Discussant: T. Requate

  001 Earth and Space Sciences
Chair: Beth Allen
2:30-3:05 B. Feldman: Principal-Agent Revisited: Add Incomplete Information, Analyze with Discrete Choice Methods and Stir Well
Discussant: P. Brown
3:05-3:40 M. Meurer: Commitment and Transfer Pricing
Discussant: P. Legros
4:00-4:35 M. Meyer (joint with P. Milgrom and J. Roberts): Organizational Prospects, Influence Costs, and Ownership Changes
4:35-5:10 Y. Tauman (joint with R. Orzach): Signaling Reversal
Discussant: B. Chakravorti


  137 Harriman Hall
Chair: E. Kohlberg
10:30-11:10 S. Brams (joint with A.D. Taylor): Two-Stage Auctions: Private-Value Strategies
Discussant: T. Gresik
11:10-11:50 J. Bushnell (joint with S. Oren): Bidder Cost Revelation in Electric Power Auctions
Discussant: J. Swiersbinski
11:50-12:30 P. Klemperer: Rational Frenzies and Crashes
Discussant: M. Jackson

  001 Earth and Space Sciences
Chair: S. Hart
2:30-3:10 B. Allen: Incentives in Market Games with Asymmetric Information: The Core
Discussant: R. McLean
3:10-3:50 W. Thomson: Implementation of Equitable Allocations
4:00-4:50 M. Wooders: Optimal Provision of Public Goods in Large Economies with Effective Small Groups