International Conference on Game Theory

Organized by Dov Samet and David Schmeidler

July 7 to July 11, 1997

Stony Brook, New York



Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Yair Tauman
9:30-10:30 D. Okada (joint with A. Neyman): Non Zero-Sum Repeated Games with Finite Automata

Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Myrna Wooders
11:00-12:00 T. Ichiishi (joint with R. Radner and M.R. Sertel): Ex-Ante and Interim Contracts Signed by the Divisions of Chandler's M-Form Firm

Non-Cooperative Bargaining
Chair: Richard McLean
2:00-2:25 A. Riedl (joint with J. Zweimueller): Redistributional Concessions Versus Keeping the Status Quo
2:30-2:55 L. Smith: Rethinking Bargaining Theory

Information Structure and Equilibrium
Chair: Dov Samet
2:00-2:25 O. Gossner: Comparison of Information Structures
2:30-2:55 V. Karguine: A Note on the Relationship of Common and Mutual Knowledge
3:00-3:25 U. Dulleck: Bounded Rationality and Induction: The Email Game Revisited

Value Theory for TU Games
Chair: René van den Brink
2:00-2:25 D. Housman: Values for Partition Function Form Games
2:30-2:55 I. Dragan: On a Generalized Consistency of a Pair of Values for Cooperative TU Games
3:00-3:25 D. Butnariu (joint with I. Markowicz): Connections Between the Values of N-Person Games with Crisp and Fuzzy Coalitions

Large Markets
Chair: Tatsuro Ichiishi
2:00-2:25 M. Wooders (joint with J. Conley): Tiebout Economies with a Continuum of Traders
2:30-2:55 B. Shitovitz: The Bargaining Set of an Oligopoly in Markets with a Continuum of Traders
3:00-3:25 E. Einy (joint with B. Shitovitz): Von Neumann-Morgenstern Stability of the Symmetric Pareto-Optimal Allocations in Pure Exchange Economies

Assignment Games
Chair: Michael Maschler
4:00-4:25 C. Graham: Multi-Sided Assignment Games: Frequency of Nonempty Cores
4:30-4:55 W. Lucas (joint with H.A. Hamza): The Bargaining Simplex for Multi-Sided Assignment Games
5:00-5:25 B. Peleg (joint with S.-C. Suh): Implementation of the Core of a Marriage Problem

Chair: Dov Monderer
4:00-4:25 N.A. Zenkevich (joint with S.N. Voznyuk): A Stable Solution of Dynamic Auction
4:30-4:55 K. Fieseler: Bidding for Unit-Price Contracts -- How Craftsmen Should Bid
5:00-5:25 J. Ma: English Auctions and Walrasian Equilibria with Multiple Objects: A Dynamic Approach

Repeated Games with Incomplete Information
Chair: Olivier Gossner
4:00-4:25 D. Rosenberg (joint with B. de Meyer): The Cav u Theorem Through Dual Games
4:30-4:55 T. Tomala: Pure Equilibria of Repeated Games with Public Signals
5:00-5:25 J. Renault: On Repeated Games with Incomplete Information and Signals

Equilibrium in Economies
Chair: Benyamin Shitovitz
4:00-4:25 C.-W. Liu: Where Bertrand Meets Walras: An Equivalence Result
4:30-4:55 N. Dagan (joint with R. Serrano and O. Volij): Bargaining, Coalitions, and Competition


Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: William Lucas
9:30-10:30 E. Kalai (joint with M.O. Jackson): False Reputation in a Society of Players

Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Sylvain Sorin
11:00-12:00 R. Aumann: Equilibrium Points in the Ultimatum Game

Stochastic Games I
Chair: Nicolas Vieille
2:00-2:25 J. Flesch (joint with F. Thuijsman and O.J. Vrieze): Maxmin for Stationary and Markov Strategies in Stochastic Games
2:30-2:55 Z. Syed (joint with T.E.S. Raghavan): An Algorithm for Solving Zero-Sum Two Person Stochastic Games of Perfect Information
3:00-3:25 M. Kosfeld: Stochastic Strategy Adjustment in Coordination Games

Firm Competition
Chair: Dan Butnariu
2:00-2:25 C. Schenk: Exchange Agreements between Competitors with Different Efficiency Levels
2:30-2:55 P. Olivella (joint with M.P. Gosalvez): Cost Reducing Strategies
3:00-3:25 T. Doganoglu (joint with Y. Tauman): Network Competition with Reciprocal Proportional Access Charge Rules

Application of Cooperative Game Theory to Economics
Chair: Sergei Pechersky
2:00-2:25 A. Mauleon (joint with F. Grafe): Externalities and Free Trade Agreements
2:30-2:55 Darin Lee (joint with O. Volij): Axiomatization of the Core in Economies with Asymmetric Information
3:00-3:25 A. Watts: Cooperative Production: A Comparison of Lower and Upper Bounds

Evolution I
Chair: Nickolay A. Zenkevich
2:00-2:25 W. Sandholm (joint with A. Pauzner): Evolution, Population Growth, and History Dependence
2:30-2:55 X. Tieman (joint with E. Droste): Evolution with a Varying Stage Game: An Economic Mutational Model
3:00-3:25 C. Wallace (joint with D.P. Myatt): Adaptive Dynamics with Payoff Heterogeneity

Chair: Jinpeng Ma
4:00-4:25 A. Elbittar: King Solomon's Dilemma: An Experimental Study of Implementation
4:30-4:55 K. Einolf (joint with J. Dearden): Strategy-Proof Mechanisms in Joint Ventures
5:00-5:25 T. Russo: Quantity Selection of a Single Public Good

Selected Topics I
Chair: David Schmeidler
4:00-4:25 M. Koster (joint with P. Borm and S. Tijs): Public Networks: Bilateral Division Problems
4:30-4:55 W. Elberfeld: The Division of Labor is Limited by the Extent of the Market: Stigler's Hypothesis Reconsidered
5:00-5:25 V. Pasetta: On Some Aspects of Noncommutativity in Games

Value Theory for TU Games II
Chair: Irinel Dragan
4:00-4:25 E. Calvo Ramon (joint with J.C. Santos): The Multichoice Value: A Strategic Approach
4:30-4:55 O. Voshtina: A Value for Graph Restricted Games
5:00-5:25 R. van den Brink (joint with G. van der Laan): Axiomatizations of the Normalized Banzhaf Value and the Shapley Value

Chair: Akihiko Matsui
4:00-4:25 A. Urbano (joint with J.E. Vila): Coordination Through Plain Conversation in Two-Player Games with Incomplete Information
4:30-4:55 A. van den Nouweland (joint with W.T. Harbaugh and E. Silva): Vacations and Absenteeism as Signals of Worker Quality
5:00-5:25 D. Wu: Foreign Investment and the Asymmetric Information Caused by the Uncertainty of Political Stability

Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Steven J. Brams (with Christopher B. Jones): Catch-22 and King-of-the-Mountain Games: Cycling, Frustration, and Power


Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Michael Maschler
9:30-10:30 D. Monderer (joint with M. Tennenholtz): Distributed (Parallel) Games

Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Tatsuro Ichiishi
11:00-12:00 S. Sorin: Merging, Reputation and Repeated Games of Incomplete Information

Cooperative Games
Chair: Nir Dagan
2:00-2:25 S. Lahiri: Some Properties of Solutions for Two-Dimensional Choice Problems Reconsidered
2:30-2:55 S. Pechersky: An On "Gauge" Excess Function for NTU-Games: Axiomatic Approach
3:00-3:25 E. Iñarra (joint with J. Arin): Consistency and Egalitarianism: The Egalitarian Set

Equilibrium Theory
Chair: Geir Asheim
2:00-2:25 J. Watanabe: Communication Can Ease Prisoners' Dilemma
2:30-2:55 J. Abdou: Tight and Effectively Rectangular Game Forms: A Nash Solvable Class
3:00-3:25 I. Milchtaich: Random-Player Games

Economic Applications I
Chair: Rabah Amir
2:00-2:25 P. Davis: Estimating Equilibrium Models Using Count Data: Quantity Competition in the Presence of Indivisibilities and Heterogeneous Firms
2:30-2:55 Y. Halevy: Trade Between Rational Agents as a Result of Asymmetric Information
3:00-3:25 B. Lonergan: Private Provision of Social Insurance

Non-Cooperative Solutions for Cooperative Games
Chair: Anne van den Nouweland
2:00-2:25 S. Hart (joint with A. Gomes and A. Mas-Colell): Finite Horizon Bargaining and the Consistent Field
2:30-2:55 M. Slikker (joint with A. van den Nouweland): A One-Stage Model of Link Formation and Payoff Division
3:00-3:25 M. Corominas: Perfect Equilibria of a 2-Person Bargaining Game

Selected Topics II
Chair: Arno Riedl
4:00-4:25 S. Huck (joint with G. Kirchsteiger and J. Oechssler): Learning to Like What You Have: Explaining the Endowment Effect
4:30-4:55 S. Hart (joint with Y. Tauman): Market Crashes with External Shocks

Cooperative Models
Chair: Joseph Abdou
4:00-4:25 T. Quint (joint with M. Shubik): Games of Status and One-to-One Ordinal Preference Games
4:30-4:55 J. Suijs: A Nucleolus for Stochastic Cooperative Games
5:00-5:25 L. Petrosjan: Dynamic Cooperative Games

Stochastic Games II
Chair: Ezra Einy
4:00-4:25 E. Solan: 3-Person Repeated Games with Absorbing States
4:30-4:55 N. Vieille: Equilibrium Payoffs in Two-Player Recursive Games
5:00-5:25 F. Thuijsman (joint with J. Flesch and O.J. Vrieze): Almost Stationary epsilon-Equilibria in Zero-Sum Stochastic Games

Equilibrium in Economic Applications
Chair: Igal Milchtaich
4:00-4:25 C. LaCasse (joint with V. Barham and C. Ponsati): Chores
4:30-4:55 J. Bergin: Social Planner Equilibrium
5:00-5:25 B. Klaus (joint with H. Peters and T. Storcken): Strategy-Proof Division of a Private Good when Preferences are Single-Dipped


Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: David Schmeidler
9:30-10:30 Open Problems in Game Theory

Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Robert Rosenthal
11:00-12:00 A. Matsui (joint with M. Kaneko): Inductive Game Theory: Discrimination and Prejudices I

Repeated Games
Chair: Sergiu Hart
2:00-2:25 R.P. McLean (joint with A. Chaudhuri): Outside Options, Maxmin Payoffs and Undominated Equilibria in Repeated Games
2:30-2:55 F. Valenciano (joint with L.M. Ruiz): The Forgiving-Trigger Strategy: An Alternative to the Trigger Strategy
3:00-3:25 M. Angeles de Frutos (joint with R. Rosenthal): On Some Myths about Sequenced Common-Value Auctions

The Core of TU Games
Chair: Michael Maschler
2:00-2:25 G.A. Koshevoy (joint with V.I. Danilov): Cores of Cooperative Games, Superdifferentials of Functions and the Minkowski Difference of Sets
2:30-2:55 V. Zakharov: Selectors of the Core and Consistency Properties
3:00-3:25 A.K. Biswas (joint with G. Ravindran and T. Parthasarathy): Stability and Largeness of Core for Symmetric Games

Collective Decisions
Chair: Tom Quint
2:00-2:25 M. Maschler (joint with S. Barberà and J. Shalev): Electoral Evolution
2:30-2:55 K.O. Nti: Effort and Performance in Group Contests
3:00-3:25 G. Ravindran (joint with K.G. Ramamurthy): On Weighted Majority Games

Applications of Game Theory
Chair: James Bergin
2:00-2:25 A. Laruelle: The EU Decision-Making Procedures: Some Insight from Non-Cooperative Game Theory
2:30-2:55 E. Friedman (joint with S. Shenker): Learning and Implementation on the Internet
3:00-3:25 S.-F. Ueng: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Evolution II
Chair: Dov Monderer
4:00-4:25 J. Gata (joint with N. Garoupa): An Evolutionary Game Theoretical Approach to the Theory of International Regimes
4:30-4:55 J. Ely (joint with E. Dekel-Tabak and O. Yilankaya): Nash Equilibrium and the Evolution of Preferences
5:00-5:25 D.P. Myatt (joint with C. Wallace): Sophisticated Play with Payoff Heterogeneity

Economic Applications II
Chair: Amparo Urbano
4:00-4:25 J. Wako: Coalition-Proof Nash Allocation in a Barter Game with Multiple Kinds of Indivisible Goods
4:30-4:55 I. Luski (joint with D. Wettstein): Optimal Patent Length and Height in a Sequential Model of Innovation
5:00-5:25 J.-L. Hu (joint with R. Aoki): Cross-Licensing of Substituting Technologies: A Patent Portfolio Approach

Firm Theory
Chair: Yoram Halevy
4:00-4:25 N. Boccard (joint with X. Wauthy): On Hotelling's Model with Capacity Precommitment
4:30-4:55 R. Amir (joint with V.E. Lambson): Quasi-Competitiveness and Profitability in Symmetric Cournot Oligopoly

Chair: John Hillas
4:00-4:25 G. Asheim (joint with M. Dufwenberg): Full Admissible Rationality in Games of Asymmetric Information
4:30-4:55 R. Ramer: Do Backward and Forward Induction Contradict Each Other?
5:00-5:25 V.J. Vannetelbosch (joint with J.J. Herings): Refinements of Rationalizability for Normal-Form Games


Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Bezalel Peleg
9:30-10:30 D. Samet: What Priors and Common Priors Are

Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Abraham Neyman
11:00-12:00 R. Rosenthal: Trust and Social Efficiencies