International Conference on Game Theory

Organized by Sergiu Hart and Andreu Mas-Colell

July 14 to July 18, 1996

Stony Brook, New York



Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Abraham Neyman
9:30-10:30 M. Kandori: Repeated Games with Imperfect Private Monitoring: Recent Developments and Open Questions

Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Robert Rosenthal
11:00-12:00 A. Rapoport: Equilibrium Play and Adaptive Learning in Two-Person Bargaining

Bargaining -- ESS, Room A
Chair: Dilip Mookherjee
2:00-2:25 V. Pasetta: Simple Divide the Money Game with Bribing
2:30-2:55 E. Groes: Asymptotically Finite Repetition of Rubinstein's Bargaining Game
3:00-3:25 V. Vannetelbosch: Bargaining with an Endogenous Deadline

Coalitional Games -- ESS, Room B
Chair: Vladimir Gurvich
2:00-2:25 M. Morelli: Payoff Distribution in Coalitional Games
2:30-2:55 J.M. Izquierdo (joint with C. Rafels): A Generalization of the Bankruptcy Game: Financial Cooperative Games
3:00-3:25 J.R. Uriarte (joint with J. Arin and E. Iñarra): The Leximin Stable Allocation

Auctions -- ESS, Room C
Chair: Amparo Urbano
2:00-2:25 R. Ramer: Efficient Mechanisms for Cooperation Games
2:30-2:55 T.D. Jeitschko: Learning in Sequential Games

Legal Models -- ESS, Room 001
Chair: Andres Perea y Monsuwe
2:00-2:25 P.-S. Kuo: Defaults, Bidding, and Participation in the Rotating Credit Association: An Equilibrium Analysis
2:30-2:55 J.-L. Hu (joint with R. Aoki): The Time Factors to Patent Litigation and Licensing
3:00-3:25 A. Mukherjee (joint with S. Marjit and H. Shi): Cooperation in R&D: The Case of Patent Infringement Agreements

Experiments -- ESS, Room A
Chair: Steven J. Brams
4:00-4:25 M. Walker (joint with J.C. Cox and J. Shachat): An Experimental Test of Bayesian vs. Adaptive Learning in Normal Form Games
4:30-4:55 J.M. Shachat: Mixed Strategy Play and the Minimax Hypothesis
5:00-5:25 B. Broseta (joint with V.P. Crawford): What Price Coordination? Auctioning the Right to Play as a Form of Preplay Communication

Coalitional Games II -- ESS, Room B
Chair: Norman Schofield
4:00-4:25 V. Gurvich (joint with E. Boros): Perfect Graphs, Normal Hypergraphs, Stable Families of Coalitions, and Effectivity Functions
4:30-4:55 W. Zwicker: What is the "Right" Desirability Relation for Coalitions, and Which Weakening of Weightedness Does it Characterize?
5:00-5:25 Z. Huang: On Compactness of the Core of Nonatomic Convex sigma-Continuous Measure Games

Repeated Games I -- ESS, Room C
Chair: Eugene A. Feinberg
4:00-4:25 I. Arribas (joint with A. Urbano): Cyclical Cooperation in Finitely Repeated Games
4:30-4:55 M.A. Jones: The Classification of Continuation Probabilities
5:00-5:25 T. Sekiguchi: Efficiency in Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma with Private Monitoring

Public Goods and Indivisibilities -- ESS, Room D
Chair: Jörg Oechssler
4:00-4:25 J. Conley: Games and Economies with Crowding Types
4:30-4:55 R. Prasad (joint with P. Dubey and J. Geanakoplos): The Benefits From Digging Holes and Filling Them Up
5:00-5:25 J. Ma: Competitive Equilibrium with Indivisibilities: Price Discrimination and Manipulation


Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Dov Samet
9:30-10:30 S. Morris: Higher Order Beliefs in Game Theory

Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Amnon Rapoport
11:00-12:00 B. von Stengel: Computation of Equilibria in Extensive and Normal Form Games

Refinement of Non-Cooperative Equilibrium -- ESS, Room A
Chair: Bernhard von Stengel
2:00-2:25 G.B. Asheim (joint with M. Dufwenberg): Admissibility and Common Knowledge
2:30-2:55 S.J. Brams (joint with D.M. Kilgour): Backward Induction is not Robust: The Parity Problem and the Uncertainty Problem
3:00-3:25 W. Elberfeld: Incentive Monotonicity and Equilibrium Selection in Binary Choice Games

Kernel and Nucleolus -- ESS, Room B
Chair: Bezalel Peleg
2:00-2:25 M. Maschler (joint with J. Potters and H. Reijnierse): Monotonicity Properties of the Nucleolus of a Tree Game
2:30-2:55 G. Orshan (joint with J.M. Zarzuelo): A New Approach of a Prekernel for NTU Games
3:00-3:25 S. Pechersky: Note on Two Excess Functions for Cooperative Games Without Side Payments

Adaptive Processes I -- ESS, Room C
Chair: Mark Walker
2:00-2:25 R.W. Rosenthal (joint with D. Gale): Experimentation, Imitation, and Stochastic Stability
2:30-2:55 A.F. Tieman: Bertrand Price Competition in Social Environment
3:00-3:25 J. Oechssler (joint with S. Huck): The Indirect Evolutionary Approach to Explaining Fair Allocations

Cost Sharing -- ESS, Room D
Chair: Len Mirman
2:00-2:25 D. Wettstein (joint with T. Kaplan): Cost Sharing -- Effficiency and Implementation
2:30-2:55 A. Watts: Uniqueness of Equilibrium in Cost Sharing Games

Non-Cooperative Equilibrium I -- ESS, Room A
Chair: Maxwell B. Stinchcombe
4:00-4:25 A. Perea y Monsuwé (joint with M. Jansen and H. Peters): Characterization of Fully Consistent Assessments in Extensive Form Games
4:30-4:55 C. Ewerhart: Commonly Assumed Rationality

Value Theory I -- ESS, Room B
Chair: Pradeep Dubey
4:00-4:25 R.P. McLean: Semivalues of Nonatomic Games with Coalition Structures
4:30-4:55 D. Housman: Linear and Symmetric Values for Partially Defined Cooperative Games
5:00-5:25 J.M. Bilbao: Hart and Mas-Colell Potential for Restricted Games

Repeated Bargaining -- ESS, Room C
Chair: Andreas Blume
4:00-4:25 M. Jackson (joint with T.R. Palfrey): Dynamic Efficiency and Implementation in Markets with Repeated Pairwise Matching
4:30-4:55 A. Riedl: Wage Bargaining: "Voice" and Organziation Costs May Lead to Social Partnership
5:00-5:25 V. Calabuig (joint with G. Olcina): Forward Induction in a Repeated Wage Negotiation

Organizations -- ESS, Room D
Chair: David Wettstein
4:00-4:25 K. Hausken: Repeated Within-Group Games with Discounting in a Multi-Group Environment
4:30-4:55 S.-F. Ueng: Corruption and Political Institution
3:00-3:25 R. Rob (joint with P. Zemsky): Cooperation, Corporate Culture, and Incentive Intensity in Organizations

ESS, Room 001
Steven J. Brams (joint with Alan Taylor): Fair Division: From Cake-Cutting to Dispute Resolution


Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Michihiro Kandori
9:30-10:30 T. Sonmez: Can Pre-Arranged Matches be Avoided in Two-Sided Matching Markets?

Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Lloyd Shapley
11:00-12:00 A. Neyman (joint with D. Okada): Strategic Entropy and Complexity in Repeated Games

Non-Cooperative Equilibrium II -- ESS, Room A
Chair: Geir B. Asheim
2:00-2:25 L. A. Liu: The Invariance of Best Reply Correspondences in Two-Player Games
2:30-2:55 B. von Stengel (joint with A. van den Elzen and D. Talman): Tracing Equilibria in Extensive Games by Complementary Pivoting Problem
3:00-3:25 M. B. Stinchcombe (joint with C.J. Harris and W. Zame): Equilibrium Existence for Infinite Games: The Nearly Compact and Continuous Case

Core and Incomplete Information -- ESS, Room B
Chair: Yair Tauman
2:00-2:25 B. Allen: On the Existence of Core Allocations in a Large Economy with Incentive-Compatibility Constraints
2:30-2:55 G.R. Green: Market Institutions and Allocations
3:00-3:25 U. Schwalbe: The Core of a Production Economy with Asymmetric Information

Repeated Games II -- ESS, Room C
Chair: James Bergin
2:00-2:25 D. Mookherjee (joint with R. Karandikar, D. Ray, and F. Vega-Redondo): Evolving Aspirations and Cooperation
2:30-2:55 I.-K. Cho: Learning to Cooperate in Repeated Games
3:00-3:25 E.A. Feinberg (joint with E. Altman and A. Shwartz): Weighted Discounted Stochastic Games with Perfect Information

Economic Applications -- ESS, Room D
Chair: Rabah Amir
2:00-2:25 L.J. Mirman (joint with M. Datta): Dynamic Externalities and Policy Coordination
2:30-2:55 T. Temzelides (joint with B. Adao): Beliefs, Competition, and Bank Runs
3:00-3:25 C.-W. Liu: Price Competition in a Distorted Price System Leads to Output Collapse in Transition Economies

Epistemology -- ESS, Room A
Chair: Stephen Morris
4:00-4:25 H. K. Hvide: Bounds to memory Loss
4:30-4:55 D. Samet (joint with A. Heifetz): Why Isn't it Enough to be Coherent?

Core Theory -- ESS, Room B
Chair: Tayfun Sonmez
4:00-4:25 E. Einy (joint with R. Holzman, D. Monderer, and B. Shitovitz): Core Equivalence Theorems for Infinite Convex Games
4:30-4:55 R. Garratt (joint with C.-Z. Qin): On a Market for Coalitions with Indivisible Agents and Lotteries
5:00-5:25 V. Zakharov: About Selectors of the Core in Dynamic Games

Adaptive Processes II -- ESS, Room C
Chair: Rafael Rob
4:00-4:25 D. Friedman (joint with J. Yellin): Evolving Landscapes in Population Games
4:30-4:55 P. Vanderschraaf: Inductive Belief Updating, Mutual Knowledge, and Equilibrium
5:00-5:25 M. Ottaviani (joint with G. Moscarini): Social Learning and Competition

Contracts -- ESS, Room D
Chair: Ulrich Schwalbe
4:00-4:25 L. Rigotti: A Principal-Agent Model with Incomplete Preferences and Inertia
4:30-4:55 J.A. Dearden (joint with D. Klotz): Committee Decisions and Contracting
5:00-5:25 A. Luporini: Relative Performance Evaluation and Collusion


Value Theory II -- ESS, Room A
Chair: Richard P. McLean
9:30-9:55 T. Ui: A Shapley Value Representation of Potential Games
10:00-10:25 M. Josune Albizuri Irigoien (joint with J.C. Santos and J.M. Zarzuelo): A Value for Games with n Players and r Alternatives: Potential and Consistency

Markets and Games -- ESS, Room B
Chair: Shigeo Muto
9:30-9:55 J. Choi: Exchange Economy with Production Modelled as a Strategic Game
10:00-10:25 J. Bergin (joint with D. Bernhardt): Business Cycles, Thin Resale Markets and Darwinian Competition
10:30-10:55 K.O. Nti: Potential Competition and Coordination in a Market Entry Game

Learning I -- ESS, Room C
Chair: Huw David Dixon
9:30-9:55 E. Amann (joint with C.-L. Yang): The Robustness of a Sophisticated Mutant in an Evolutionary Model of Cooperation
10:00-10:25 Peter Sorensen (joint with L. Smith): Herding as Experimentation Déjà Vu
10:30-10:55 B.C. Cooper: Copying Fidelity

Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Models -- ESS, Room A
Chair: Hervé Moulin
11:30-11:55 B. Peleg: A Formal Approach to Nash's Program
12:00-12:25 S. Muto (joint with A. Suzuki): The Stable Standard of Behavior in the Prisoner's Dilemma
12:30-12:55 N. Schofield: Aggregation of Preferences in Social Choice and Voting

Learning II -- ESS, Room B
Chair: In-Koo Cho
11:30-11:55 A. Possajennikov: An Analysis of a Learning Dynamics: Learning to Play an "Egalitarian" Equilibrium
12:00-12:25 H.D. Dixon: Keeping Up With the Joneses: Aspirations and Experiments Without Random Matching
12:30-12:55 C.S. Ruebeck: Imitation Dynamics in the Repeated Prisoners' Dilemma: An Exploratory Example

Pre-Play Communication and Information -- ESS, Room C
Chair: John Hillas
11:30-11:55 A. Blume: Communication, Risk, and Efficiency in Games
12:00-12:25 J.E. Vila (joint with A. Urbano): Ex-ante Communication and Nash Equilibrium
12:30-12:55 G.Y. Luo: Economic Natural Selection and a Double Auction Market: The Market as a Filtering Process of Information

Oligopoly Theory -- ESS, Room D
Chair: Beth Allen
11:30-11:55 R. Amir (joint with J. Wooders): One-Way Spillovers, Endogenous Innovator/Imitator Roles and RJV Performance
12:00-12:25 J. Zhang (joint with Z. Zhang): The Asymptotic Competitiveness in an Oligopolistic Market with Incomplete Information
12:30-12:55 A. Urbano (joint with D. Alepuz and R. Moner): Communication and Leadership

Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Michael Maschler
2:30-3:30 H. Moulin: Strategy-Proof Cost (or Surplus) Sharing

Earth and Space Sciences, Room 001
Chair: Robert Aumann
4:00-5:00 L.S. Shapley: Nash-Equilibrium and Pareto Optimality