Strategic and Dynamic Aspects of International Trade

Organized by Jonathan Eaton and Thomas J. Prusa

July 26 to July 27, 1991

Stony Brook, New York



Patents and International Trade
9:00-10:00 R. Jensen (speaker) and M. Thursby: Patent Races, Product Standards, and International Competition
Discussant: K. Krishna
10:15-11:15 R. Aoki (speaker) and T. Prusa: Country Specific Asymmetric Patent Protection and Incentives to Innovate
Discussant: M. Schwartz
11:15-12:15 C. Davidson (speaker) and P. Segerstrom: The Enforcement of Patents and Eonomic Growth
Discussant: R. Aoki

Session I: International Debt
2:00-3:00 R. Fernandez (speaker) and S. Ozler: Concentration and Secondary Market Prices: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
Discussant: J.-F. Mertens
3:15-4:15 K. Kletzer (speaker) and B. Wright: Sovereign Debt Renegotiation in a Consumption Smoothing Model
Discussant: J. Hillas
4:30-5:30 P. Kehoe (speaker) and H. Cole: Reputation Models with Multiple Relationships: Reviving Reputation Models of Debt
Discussant: R. Fernandez

Session II: Endogenous Growth
2:00-3:00 L. Rivera-Batiz (speaker) and P. Romer: International Trade and Endogenous Technical Change
Discussant: H. Polemarchakis
3:15-4:15 C. Chamley: The Last Shall be First: Foreign Borrowing and Growth with Human Capital in an Open Economy
Discussant: L. Cheng
4:30-5:30 L. Cheng (speaker) and E. Dinopoulos: International Schumpeterian Business Cycles and Economic Growth
Discussant: L. Young


Trade and Investment Policies
9:00-10:00 K. Krishna (speaker), R. Erzan, and L.H. Tan: Rent Sharing in the Multifibre Agreement
Discussant: T. Prusa
10:15-11:15 L. Young: Import Protection is Export Promotion: Some Implications of International Investment
Discussant: M. Richardson
11:15-12:15 M. Engers (speaker) and J. Eaton: Sanctions
Discussant: K. Kletzer

Session I: International Coordination
2:00-3:00 A. Abdalla (speaker) and R. Riezman: Taxation and the MNE
Discussant: M. Thursby
3:15-4:15 R. Chang: Bargaining a Monetary Union
Discussant: J. Eaton

Session II: International Dynamics
2:00-3:00 Y. Ono (speaker) and S. Ikeda: International Welfare Effects of Savings Controls and Trade Restrictions
Discussant: C. Davidson
3:15-4:15 Y. Yano: Interlinkages in the Endogenous Real Business Cycles of International Economies
Discussant: C. Chamley